In contrast to sensory aphasia speech understanding others is not violated. Does not suffer from an understanding of their purpose to some extent retained the ability to deliberate purposeful activity – processes visual-thinking proceed at a satisfactory level. This is expressed by the dissociation between the outwardly orderly conduct and ability to perform even simple labor operations, on the one hand, and the deep incoherence of speech – on the other. Dissociation of thinking can be observed in writing. In addition to the monologues of a broken voice – shizofaziey, dissociation of thought can be manifested by a symptom responses. There are different kinds of past responses. It may be past responses, which ignores the content of the question and there is no logical connection in the utterance. Visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. for more clarity on the issue. For example, when asked about the health patient responds: "Prison – School of Science, working and living tractor." In another embodiment, by-and-answer uttered the phrase, which by themselves are not devoid of meaning, but not in logical connection with the asked question.

So, the question of how he was sleeping, the patient said: "Yesterday all day it was rain, but personally I prefer the storm." By the manifestations of dissociation can be attributed, obviously, and these responses are are given in different logical sense, though in terms of a given issue. On the question of whether it changed the memory, the patient responds, "Visual memory I have is good, it was always better than auditory." Main content the question is left unattended, affected only one aspect of it, which is not explicitly stated and, at best, only implied. This kind of slipping into a different logical plane is to be distinguished from inaccurate responses caused by negligence. In the latter case, usually the main content is released, significant uncertainty related to low or thin parts. Psychological basis of incoherence of thought see in slip phenomena of thought – loosening of the logical structures and transitions from one logical reasoning in another plan. This is due to the fact that the updated latent or weak links between concepts, and significant, long-stay on the periphery of consciousness. Dissociation, which manifests itself decay and preservation of logical grammatical structures, reflects the difference between speech and thought. It is known that the speech forms (Internal structure of speech) in the course of individual development are formed much earlier than the ability to think logically.

By symptom-response is also observed in hysterical reactions, but here it looks different. The answer, wrong on the merits, however given in terms of response and delivered to the same sounds deliberately ridiculous. For example, a request to tell how many will, if the two multiplied by two, the patient may respond in different ways: three, five, seven – wrong, but always on the job and with a demonstration of ignorance. A patient with a dissociation of thought will respond differently, like this: "We have to prove the point." Dissociation of thinking is a characteristic feature of schizophrenia.