When our parents had to get dressed in shirt and necktie, nor crazy they combined a shirt to rays with a printed necktie, quite the opposite. But now, of the hand of more revolutionary designers this is a boom and in fashion-for-they will give you you rule to enter this new tendency. Before a horseman did not think about mixing rays, pictures, arabesque or lunar in a same set. But for a time, the fashion became more permissive and leave imagination flies it to obtain combinations able to make an impression to the demanding feminine eye. Not to be mistaken, there are two basic rules to follow at the time of combining: First it indicates that the printings are distanced or put in (for example, I brought tizado, smooth shirt and necktie to rays diagonals). Second, it assures that the colors must be in harmony, that is to say, that the color of the shirt is repeated in the printing of the necktie. The stamps can be combined to each other as long as the sizes are different. The rule to combine the shirt and necktie is that always the necktie must to stand out by on shirt and if it is wanted that it is the other way around, must be smooth the necktie.

How to obtain the combinations? A case of viable combination would be when the shirt is of blue rays and white bottom, and the necktie with rays in diagonal. The important thing not to fall in the ridiculous situation is that the width of rays is different one from others and in different direction. Something similar happens when the shirts are drawn into squares. Although they are not very elegant with neckties I quadrilled, the smooth ones go well with those of rays and. Most matched it is, without a doubt, the smooth shirt since it admits any necktie and it deposits in her all the attention. If a smooth necktie is chosen, is necessary to make sure that it always stands out by on the shirt so that look is not very uniform.