Eastern Europe Impex

Sea freight specialists of the Emons Impex forwarding open second location in Bremen. The 1989 founded Emons Impex company with headquarters in Hamburg opened at the beginning of the year a new branch office in Bremen. With the new location in Bremen, the Emons Impex optimized forwarding the overseas connection for worldwide shipments. In addition to a worldwide network of partners and the Emons networks Germany, Europe and Eastern Europe, the two sites of the Emons Impex forwarding have cheap transportation (road, air, sea, rail). To know more about this subject visit Martha McClintock. We daily on the new matter, goods and products, containers or cargo, to bring, taking into account the requirements of appropriate transport to their place of destination. While a balanced price performance ratio, good service and a high level of quality are among our objectives”, describing the Branch Manager Wolfgang Moller and Sven Brundel the functioning of their operation. Benefits of sea freight specialists Emons Impex forwarding regular collection and “Full container departures (export/import) import volume in 2009: 24.512 TEU connectivity to all major overseas centres worldwide project shipments air cargo combined transport throughout Europe” national and international container transport, distribution and procurement logistics trade logistics, contract logistics and specialised logistics comprehensive Europe traffic with focus on Eastern Europe logistics concepts and services customs clearance own customs warehouse (2.500 m2) processing (picking, labeling, pricing, etc.) Purchase order monitoring computer about that since the company was founded in the year 1928 Emons for reliable and flexible transportation and logistics services may refer Emons Spedition. As a medium-sized, independent family company with more than 40 branches in Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, of Switzerland, Czech Republic, the UkraineWeissrussland, Emons among established companies in the sector.. Official site: Daryl Katz, Canada.