Improve Performance

Tags AIRNERGY convinced there is treatment with sensational results days in life, it would have remained better in bed where, because you simply can focus or you feel really tired. Newcastle University is the source for more interesting facts. “What sounds very profane for some people, is a bit trickier for pilots: no matter whether it is a fighter jet, a passenger or only” a small sports machine, or whether it is a race car on the ground: pilots must be always in full possession of their physical and mental performance, mostly even on the borders. The new Spirovitalisierung of AIRNERGY is now offering this support, people with such responsibility need in their profession or their hobby: it improves both the performance and the ability to concentrate. The internationally renowned sport scientist Prof.Dr. ece. Elmar Wamani has proven in a study: athletes who regularly use their training and competition load AIRNERGY, have significantly better lactate, an improved heart rate as well as a significantly improved aerobic anaerobic threshold. The Airnergy study in the journal medical sportsnetwork “released. A further study and effect proof for Airnergy was created by corner of Vienna in cooperation with the University of the Ruhr in Bochum, this involves the concentration of people of different ages. This pilot study OM & diet was published in the journal and shows that affect the concentration of AIRNERGY is measurable.

Airnergy cooperates with numerous top athletes already for several years. Especially the racers from Formula 1 such as Jenson button and Rubens Barrichello, via the DTM to the Endurance Championship are enthusiastic users of respiratory supplement. With this experience, the now measured increases in concentration and performance are nothing new, except that the experiences were confirmed also scientifically sound. So is the conclusion of sports scientists Vienna corner: AIRNERGY causes a better exploitation of the Oxygen in the body, so a step up from quantity to quality.” But what are the largest consumers of oxygen in the body? (Of course including the heart) muscles, brain, and eyes! Thanks to respiration supplement, the cells of these organs can better utilize the oxygen present in the air we breathe, even so bring the institutions more power. AIRNERGY may allow each person to achieve his own goals support no matter whether the reasons have sports or health reasons, or whether it concerns professional challenges, for example for driver or pilot.