Inner Child

As 'Inner Child' got there? 'Inner Child': Lives in every adult. He lives in every adult, because he / she in memory of the brain. There is a memory or subconscious, because each of us has sharp memories of our past that shape our motivation and drive to the future. There is, because when we got certain characteristics and patterns of behavior to cope with our dysfunctional environment, we masked, concealed or forgotten 'real' inner child, who we were. Returns to many of us in our dreams or dreams.

We can clearly depict what looks like a small child and the child feels and acts. Is the person to whom we administered, suppressed and concealed in order to survive in a world of stress. Since this suppressed, we have kept him / her in our subconscious. If you have read about Jane Figueiredo already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This relationship we have with our spiritual being, because it is in the realm of spirit, and not in the realm of conscious behavior. Is a component of our system values and beliefs, but we are unaware of its influence on our decisions.

There is, because when we were overwhelmed with guilt when we were kids, we got ourselves in order to avoid the feeling that we do not 'Good enough. " There is, because when we were young, our family rules require us to create form a happy, healthy family, even if our family was not so. If you would like to know more about Donald Sussman, then click here. So we put down our a young child to appear more responsible, serious and focused on achievement.