Longest Cake Of Munich For

Mira Mall supports Breakfast Club at Munich-based elementary school in Munich. Contact information is here: Jane Figueiredo. The Mira shopping center sold the longest cake of Munich in favor of the Breakfast Club on the occasion of his second birthday at Ittingen Street elementary school. “” “The Munich Club of German life bridge” has within its project of KidAiD against child poverty in Germany “in the summer of 2009 the Breakfast Club” established in order to provide a healthy breakfast free to needy students. This MIRA shopping center is at first Godfather of the Breakfast Club”on either Street elementary school. The 1150 by the pie Fund breakfast for needy children for about a month. As a thank you, the students have painted fancy pictures on the subject of MIRA and Breakfast Club.

With the sponsorship, MIRA makes an important contribution in the fight against child poverty. Because learning is difficult with rumbling stomachs, hunger absorbs the attention. And half of the children does in poor families in the morning hungry in the school. Studies of the Research Institute of child nutrition in Dortmund showed this. Without breakfast and snack, the necessary energy for everyday school missing children. With the action of Breakfast Club”, the German life bridge wants to give a healthy breakfast so needy children. These include full value sandwiches, a drink and some fruit. So, the day can begin with new vigor.