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Profile fenced in, firstly, the plates on the sides of doors and thresholds. Secondly, on the racks and frames of doors have plastic linings 'under the Carbon' and a similar blotches on the hatch tank, simulating a filler sports cars. This looks especially Corsa and back – perched on the trunk lid trim spoiler, rear bumper shape and mutate into line with the new car's sporty image. The cost of all body kit weighs in at $ 2,4 thousand – the feeling that everything really is made of precious metal, not plastic. Soundtrack Finally, let's talk about what you expect, but were afraid to ask: what's under the hood? And nothing – the same engine volume 1.2 liters and the power of 75 hp Firm Irmscher does not endorse speeding up production of engines for cars. The only intrusion into the design of ram can be assumed to install the muffler of his own design with chrome dual nozzle. Power he adds, but the engine sound appears 'tuned exhaust,' as in 'adult' sports cars with at least Opposed 'Quartet'.

This pleasure will cost only $ 490 – very little on the background 'Golden body kit' for the Opel Corsa by Irmscher. In recent months, Dean Ornish M.D has been very successful. Loyalty for the sake of it is worth noting that the firm Irmscher can be installed on certain types of Corsa and a tougher sport suspension, but on this car – all standard. End up tuning the new Corsa 1.2 alloy wheels, where each bolt is also adorned with the logo 'i'. On disks – a low-profile tires, so that 'Corsa' more supple responds to the work of the steering wheel and a tenacious hold on the road. Actually, this machine refinement suspension strongly and do not need: control has become much better and the stiffness of springs and shock absorbers fully consistent with the characteristics of the engine 1.2 liters. So the new sporty image – this is just an image, rather than internal content. According to its characteristics Opel Corsa 1.2 Irmscher remains normal urban avtomobilchiki, which is ideal for those who did not intend for the foreseeable future to participate in the Street Racing. Additional articles on the topic tyunninga you can see site.