Shepherd Elcio Loureno

Natural muito. Many have homesicknesses of the days where everything gave certain, dotempo of infancy, the tricks of ball and the emquadrinhos personages, so real for a child. The time passes and people grow and the doubts and the problems appear, and until it seems that they get worse year year after. She will be that people have participation in this? Sementrar in the merit of the question – since each life is a history to the part – many stop and only evaluate, and then they turn toward God when tudoest literally leaving made a mistake. Illness, lacks dedinheiro, abandonment, conflicts in the home, loss of position is natural algunsmotivadores of the human being to make to grow the interest poralgo that it is beyond the CURTAINS of PERHAPS of any day. does not advance if to lament for the old times – therefore they do not come back more -, and is necessary to create a reality better HOJE.Gostaria that observed the warning of apstolo Pablo who shows the inflexible way covered for our attitudes. Sevoc to sow LOVE, will harvest PEACE; if discord, will get fruits deviolncia; if hope, joy; if loss of heart, defeat.

This is ob-a-b. Then we have important part in ' ' gerncia' ' of our life. If he has not limited to see the LAND DUG and NAKED of today. He visualizes the TREE that of it will go to sprout in TOMORROW, whose dimension will depend on the SEED that to launch AGORA.' ' You do not deceive yourselves: God does not leave itself to mock; because everything what the man to sow, this also ceifar.' ' Glatas 6:7 Today reads: The GAL 6:7 – 10; I Color 6:9; Lc 16:25; Rm 2:6 extracted Text of the book ' ' A Window For the Eterno' ' , of authorship of the Shepherd Elcio Loureno. Shepherd since 1968.pastorelcio2007@