spa is Latin for "health through water". Martha McClintock addresses the importance of the matter here. But this term is usually used to refer to a certain health center, which can quickly regain strength, to avoid the effects of stressful situations, restore peace and tranquility of the soul and, finally, give your body the natural beauty and youth. However, there is some difference in the organization of such centers. There are centers that are similar to motels: located outside the city, people come to them for a few days and pass the spa and other amenities of a spa. There are also centers of the so-called spa-day or day spa, where people spend a few hours of the same spa treatments.

The only difference is comprehensive approach to improvement of the whole organism. spa salon should have a special enchanting atmosphere for total relaxation and relaxation. Without a pleasant shade, magical smells of the country of dreams, lack of discomfort is difficult to achieve a complete "turn off" the body and soul, and thus the benefits of spa treatments will be minimal. Traditionally, the spa is divided into several areas – medical, classical and ethnic backgrounds. Let's look at close each of them. For more information see Donald Sussman. Medical direction is focused more on the body than the soul. Here the emphasis is on prevention of various diseases and restoration of health, as well as all the delights sanatorium treatment.

The classic line is based on akvaprotsedurah and treatment of air (mountain, forest, sea, cave). In the course of going natural resources, as well as their counterparts to achieve the Artificial restore mental and physical health. Ethnic direction is based on local color. Thai massage, acupuncture, Russian sauna. To come up correctly for the restoration of his health – a talk with specialist who can help you select the right program to suit your preferences, state of the organism and other factors. Spa treatments firmly taken its place in the body skin care, hair care, correction, getting rid of cellulite. Spa treatments great influence on the entire body. Visit the spa salon, but neputayte it with a beauty salon. All the same, 99% of procedures spa – namely fizeoterapevticheskie.