To The Successful Rehearsal The Proper Specimen Preparation!

HDT-seminar “Preparation for chromatography” on April 28, 2009 are many practical tips in times of ever more sensitive as chromatographic measuring instruments and the trend of for a time in the direction of samples preparation free methods (dilute & shoot”) was the establishment of MS/MS techniques in routine analysis. A main task of the sample preparation – the enrichment – was yes no longer necessary. But it has the influence of matrix effects on the measurement results (keyword ion suppression”in the LC/MS) and the stability of the measuring system (” keyword contamination “) underestimated. For this reason, sample preparation is an important issue. The Haus der Technik offers a seminar to do so for the first time on April 28, 2009 in Essen. Preventive Medicine Research Institute can provide more clarity in the matter. When and why is a sample preparation necessary at all? How much sample preparation must be for GC, LC, GC/MS(/MS), and LC/MS(/MS)? What different types of sample preparation are eligible? A focal point of the seminar is the solid phase extraction (SPE): selection of the correct Mechanism and the material type, tips for implementation, pitfalls, etc. Special emphasis is on the practical relevance, which is why the various application areas (E.g.

environment, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, clinical/toxicological analysis…) and the examples selected according to the interests of the seminar participants. The target group are users who need to develop robust methods, as well as those who work according to already established methods. Not every method contains all the important practical details. What can be the reason, if the results are not satisfactory (E.g. unreproduzierbare or poor recovery rates) or suddenly a problem, after the method already long time easily ran? With wife Dr. Ute Beyer, the HDT won an experienced expert as a seminar leader.