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How to turn on and off the computer, we already know, so you can begin to describe the features of PC (personal computer – hereinafter), which can replace the stereo system and DVD-player at the same time. The main objective of this articles will be learning the proper use of user media. Difficult? Simply put, tell you how to listen to music and watch video on a PC. Cardiologist has compatible beliefs. Operating system: Windows XP has a default player WMP – Windows Media Player, which, default is used to view video and listen to music files. There are many players that can be used when working with media files – Winamp, AIMP, Light Allow, and so on. To say that one of them is the best, and the other works less well, it would be wrong. Here rather a matter of taste and personal preference, but such programs are functionally very similar, so we can safely choose one of them and proceed directly to use thereof for the benefit of society, ie, watch movies and videos, as well as listening to music, learn deeper skills can be a means of training video courses.

Often the question arises: "how to distinguish from other media file types? " Of course, such a laughing matter expert users, but for the ordinary man in the street want a short-explanatory. The songs may have a different format, each of which has specific short name, for example: MP3 – MPEG-1/2/2.5 Layer 3, the most popular format for storing audio licensed. Media in this format is reproduced in almost all players, so the files with the same name ('filename'. Mp3 – Unforgiven.mp3) Exactly suited for listening. Storing audio formats are not so many, along with the mp3 is still CD-audio, wma. This is the most common formats of music files, so all of the content of music will be stored in these formats. On analogy eyeing the videos and see that the situation is repeated, except that the format becomes a little more.

Another way of 'recognition' will be a media icon image that will display media player. To view / listen to media files fast enough to click twice on the selected file (a song or movie), after which it will be playable in the player installed by default. More one way to run a media file will right click on your desired file, and the choice of the player. To listen to songs and watching movies / videos is recommended to use a different program – is associated with the specification given player. To listen to music on the Internet most frequently used programs, which offers a music site, sometimes the player installed on your computer. 'Online' video view is along the same lines, however, often requires such programs as Adobe Flash Player. If your monitor is often a sign 'can not view it', we need to be concerned about the presence of above the latest version of the program.