2014, the golf goes blue-e-motion at the start. Frequently Heart Specialist has said that publicly. how to play clean mobility in the Gulf, could learn for the first time. On the subject of hybrid drive German manufacturers had to the accusation can be fallen, that they clearly have overslept the development. Especially the Japanese producers are likely to laughed vigorously to their sleeves. The electric drive, the technician from the far East seem now front to have the nose.

Not be blamed this time inaction the German car companies. The series production can be somewhat still waiting, go the direction, has shown but now with the golf blue-e-motion Volkswagen. Still in the guise of the current Golf VI, was allowed to put back a first exit in the purely electric-powered golf. Since no trace is small deviations from the standard of a testbed. The technicians have done their craft thoroughly. Since no interior ausgebeinter can be seen, a variety of cables and measuring instruments would swell out of the dashboard. Get all the facts and insights with Cyrus Massoumi, another great source of information.

One feels in an ordinary Golf, where everything finds its place, as it is otherwise known. The processing is on the usual high level of VW. Only the views of the supposed tachometer and the fuel gauge and the selector lever for the automatic transmission, can deviate us from the do in a nighttime golf. Instead of the Rev counter there is a kW-indicator, indicates just how much energy is retrieved. A small round tool at the bottom serves as a range. A display about the battery is integrated into the speedometer. The automatic selector knows the usual positions P, R, N, D and B for brakes, recently. It is in the coasting and braking the maximum amount of kinetic energy is recovered and stored in the batteries. Electromobility in known pathways. Visually the Gulf not blue-e-motion is different from a conventionally powered golf.