The scientific evolution has allowed that with happening of history the discovery and treatment of as serious problems as the breast cancer, radically lowers the rate of mortality that it owns at present, thanks to the invention of novel treatments that save the life of thousands of women year after year. The breast cancer is a malignant tumor that lodges in the breast of the women, this cause who the cells grow in an unrestrained fashion bringing about complications in the mammary ductos, without commenting the appearance of so feared tumor; this problem generally takes to the amputation of the affected breast, but in the majority of the cases this is not enough, because other regions of the body also see it jeopardize, thanks to the fact that the lymphatic glasses have transported the cancerous cells to other places of the body, having caused serious problems of health and in a great percentage of people the death. The appearance of the breast cancer must to several factors like the highly greasy food ingestion or the lack of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet; although one has demonstrated that they exist other factors that help the development of this suffering, some of them as on weight, the excess of alcohol and others like hormonal therapies and the radiation. The development of the cancer of breast in the woman causes some symptoms like: Secretion by the nipple. & nbsp; Irritation. Pain the breasts. Inflammation of the sine. Reddening of the affected breast.

& nb sp; Moulting in the breasts. Swelling in the breasts. These symptoms are most common, although it is good for saying that some severe others exist much more as the excessive growth and the deformation of the breasts. The last studies have demonstrated that the 60 percent of the women develops breast cancer after 45 years of age, although generally the discovery of this evil occurs after the 55 years of age when it is too much behind schedule, since the too much advanced cancer this. By this the recommendation of the experts is to go revision at least 3 times per year or at least to be made the tact homemade, with the purpose of to identify any anomaly of the sine. The medicine has developed some procedures that help to tackle this problem satisfactorily; they are: & n bsp; X-ray: this procedure is based on using X-rays of high frequency, with the purpose of to destroy the carcinogenic cells and to avoid its relaxation by other sectors of the body. & nbsp; Surgery: it consists of a surgery to obtain the extirpation of the tumor; in the majority of the cases the extraction of tumor is made satisfactorily, but in others it is so the advance of the tumor that becomes the amputation necessary of the breast. Hormonal therapy: one is based on the very strong medecine administration that blocks the production of hormones that stimulate the growth of the carcinogenic cells.

It is good for mentioning that as all the oncolgicos processes these procedures have consequences; some of them like: Lost of mobility. & n bsp; Irritation of the breasts. Muscular increase of the breasts. I vomit. & nbsp; You feel nauseous. Among others. Given the previous thing it is demonstrated that the breast cancer is care suffering, so no longer no type of excuse exists to stop going where a onclogo doctor to avoid this serious problem. Original author and source of the article