Children's Wooden Toys What toys to buy children? Do you not think that the toy may be useful, and perhaps harmful? And the harm that is not necessarily bad from the materials from which they are made. As choose the right toy that will not only satisfy parents' self-esteem, but also will promote the child's personality? How not to run into Price + producer. Often harmful are cheap Chinese toys in abundance falling on our shelves. According to the Sanitary and Epidemic Control of Chelyabinsk, a hundred Chinese Barbie is only one safe. GosSanEpidemNadzor periodically organizes raids checking warehouses, markets and retailers. In their results in Moscow and the region has been suspended and banned sales of Chinese toys 'Duck' and 'Duck big', in which phenol is detected in excess of MPC, as well as a set of Chinese toys 'Fantastic Toys' 'Lunch' (not correspond to hygiene requirements by the smell, the index of toxicity, noise). This list is not exhaustive.

Smell and volume. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.s opinions are not widely known. Plastic machine can become a truly formidable weapon, if it smells. It turns out that if Toy has a smell, so it emits harmful chemicals. The child, at least, may have an allergic reaction. It is important that toys meet sanitary requirements, which are not only materials from which allowed them to produce, but even, for example, the requirements for volume, they have published. Instruction in Russian. You can advise parents buying toys, require the seller to complete information about a product, including – confirming its safety for human health and life.