Diabetes And Medicine

To see: diet for the diabetesdieta it diabetes medicines to treat the diabetes include the insulin and pills to reduce the glucose levels, denominated hipoglucmicos oral. The people with diabetes type 1 cannot produce their own insulin, reason why they every day need injections insulin. The insulin does not come in the form of pills; it is provided by means of injections that, generally, are required of one to four times per day. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with CEO Mark Thompson. Some people use an insulin pump that takes at any moment and throughout releases to a stable insulin flow the day. Other people can do use of inhaled insulin. (To see: diabetes type 1diabetes type 1). Unlike the diabetes type 1, the diabetes type 2 can respond to the treatment with oral exercise, diet and medecines.

Several types exist of oral hipoglucmicos drugs used to reduce to the glucose level in the diabetes type 2. (To also see: diabetes type 2diabetes type 2) medecines can be changed to insulin during the pregnancy or the lactancia. The gestacional diabetes can be dealt with exercises and changes in the feeding. EXERCISE the regular exercise is particularly important for the diabetic people, because it helps to control the glucaemia, to lose weight and to control the arterial hypertension. The diabetics who make exercise have less probabilities of undergoing a cardiac attack or a cerebrovascular accident that those that does not do it regularly.

Some considerations about the exercise are: Always verifies with its doctor before beginning a new program of exercises. Pregntele to the doctor or nurse if you have the correct footwear. Escoja an pleasant physical activity that is appropriate for their present level of physical state. Haga exercise every day and to the same hour, to be possible. Controle its levels of glucemianiveles of glucaemia in house before and after making exercise. Lleve food that contains a carbohydrate of rapid action in case of putting itself hipoglucmicohipoglucmico during or after the exercise. Lleve an identification card of diabetics and a cellular telephone to use it in case of emergencia. Beba liquid additional that does not contain sugar before, during and after the exercise. The changes in the intensity and duration of the exercise can demand modifications in the diet or medecines to avoid that the glucaemia levels lower or raise too much. TAKEN CARE OF OF THE FEET: The people with complications of the diabetes have major probability of undergoing problems in the feet. The diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels and to the nerves, and diminish the capacity of the body to fight infections. One can not notice an injury in the foot until an infection appears. Also, it can appear death of the skin and another weave. Without treatment, it is possible that it is necessary to amputate the affected foot. In fact, the diabetes is the disease that more commonly it takes to amputations. It reviews and it takes care of its feet every day with the purpose of to prevent injuries there. It standardizes Your Sugar of the Blood and Eliminates Your Diabetes without Drug nor Insulin!