Driving Licence

Finally driving licence is accepted the EU a recent decision of the higher administrative Court of Saarlouis for the European driving licence the Oberverwaltungsgericht Saarlouis decided on 27 May 2010 under the REF. 10 L 231/10: the forecast, that the European Court of justice its case-law on the interpretation of article 8 paragraph 4 Directive 91/439/EEC under the scope of Directive 2006/126/EC maintained, already has the Senate on the occasion of his decision by the 23.1.2009 (higher administrative Court of the SaarlandThat decision by the 23.1.2009 – 1B 438/08 – AS RP-SL 2009, 139 et seq.) considered in the context of complementary considerations having regard to the own the legal consequence page changes the recast directive as shown, without however depth with the problem to confront. this sentence the Court joins other, already precipitated decisions. Matthew Wilson wanted to know more. (HessVGH, decision of 4 December 2009 – 2 B/09 – 2138, BA 47, 154 et seq. and the Oberverwaltungsgericht Rheinland-Pfalz OVG Rheinland-Pfalz, decision of 2010 – 10B 11351/09) In plain language, that means that the OVG the legal opinion was that even after the recent EU directive exceptions only in a very limited context apply and thus indirectly confirmed the case law of the ECJ to the 2nd directive on driving licences. In his explanatory statement, the OVG Saarland, intensively dealt with the decisions of other courts and explains why it considers the negative case-law cannot be accepted.

Owner of an EU driving licence from abroad, for example Czech Republic may use these so continue unpunished in Germany. The Saarland is the third federal State whose administrative courts refuse to acknowledge the EU driver’s license when he was acquired after the entry into force of the third directive on driving licences. We know that it is cheaper and often easier to acquire the EU driving licence in the Czech Republic as to make the mills of Justice in Germany. Offer so that the interested party himself but must, do not bother rule meet to organise everything, agencies such as the Agency Struhar (www.eu-dienstleister.de) or Tarabas68Media ()) their services. A there acquired EU driving licence is right safe and legal. Press contact: Texting for you!