Existencial Crisis

The times I see myself reflecting on my proper life, infancy little I remember, of the adolescence the conflicts of the phase, after adult the problems start to appear. From then on the untiring beginning of the best solution for each new problem, but as to know which the best exit? When we try to make right, we can make a mistake and then, to learn with them, that they will be many. Speaking candidly Daryl Katz told us the story. Always volume a decision finding that it is the best one for that moment, exactly that later I perceive that had others. thus we walk for the perfection, that by the way does not exist! It exists moments that I ask for not to think about, therefore to think tires the beauty, but nor always I obtain to empty my mind of the eddy of words that if they join forming a phrase, that to little if unen forming texts ………….. the life is thus, an infinite search for explanations that never we go to have. the only legal thing in everything this is that while we think, we cry, we laugh, suffers, loves.after one day, it comes the night, nothing better that a good night of sleep so that a new day is repleto of new dreams and hope, signal that we are livings creature!.