When the consultant attends the tarot of love Chuck, usually not a well-received letter. The reality is that the card shows a heart pierced by three swords. For more information see this site: Cardiologist. The heart is the symbol of emotion, of feelings. Then, the appearance of this letter may mean that logic and reality represented by swords – puts the world of feelings in check. It should be noted that all the cards of the suit of swords encircle a lesson, which, for more painful as it is, the consultant must learn. Learn more on the subject from Cyrus Massoumi. And this is no exception.One of the more obvious facets of this Charter, especially in the tarot of love Chuck, is related to pain, sadness and depression. The cause of these painful sensations can be an unkind word, a gesture of disdain or a little considerate attitude. On many occasions, more than a fait accompli, the three of swords can be a warning.

Two are possibilities. It may be that persist in the same attitude the situation becomes truly pitiful. Or, simply the tarot of love us This means that a breakup is coming.It is good to remember that to be prevented, it is easier to absorb the blow. It does not mean that does not hurt, but knowing that a sentimental break can happen, can go developed the grief of loss, to begin to realize that you can redo life without that person.The tarot of love also tells us with the appearance of the three of cups, that pain is necessary to grow. No human being is free of pain. It is inherent to human nature. We could say that there are virtually no human beings who do not have broken heart ever.Another possible interpretation tells us that perhaps we learn of some truth, and we will not be very happy knowing it. But, like everything in life, is best know the truth, that live in the dark.

Painful as it may seem to us, we will always be better standing to receive the blow if we know, that being in ignorance.The three sword also refers to betrayal in short, one of the most common causes of ruptures sentimental. Remember that if he doesn’t do the right thing so that you stay on your side, perhaps does not deserve have you at all.The tarot of love is a powerful tool. In this case it comes from the hand of, for all its users. Gives us the possibility of providing for the painful situations,- and be assured full that knowing in advance, is easier to absorb the blow. Original author and source of the article