Metaphysics Of Plato

second navigation was that one carried through by proper force in search of a supply-sensible reality, that is, of the intelligible being. In the first navigation the philosopher remains in the world of the directions, and in second navigation exists the release of this world, reaching the world of the ideas. Quality, colors, figures, etc., for Plato are not true causes of something, but yes with-causes. To construct true cause, something is necessary to be intelligible, that is, idea, the pure form Beautiful it, being that any physical thing assumes a supreme and last cause of Metaphysical character. Of this form, for, Plato shows the existence of two plans of the being, a fenomnico, sensible; another metafenomnico, only captvel with the mind.

After this second navigation, can be spoken of incorporeal, sensible and supply-sensible, empirical and metaemprico, physical and supraphysical material; thus creating world of the ideas . 2. THE BEING OF THE IDEAS Nowadays, the term idea sends in them to the form, constituent nature, figure, aspect, appearance, type, species, what it is seen. However, before Plato, this term it meant what , characteristic property, or are seen type. For Plato, the true knowledge (epistme) is possible, given the changeable nature of the sensible phenomena, therefore it will only be possible will have steady, perpetual reality stops mere beyond the sensible one. The platonic ideas exist for itself same, are in the base of the proper one> Fdon 79 , Plato affirms that the soul, for being invariant, conserve always its identity. Exactly with as many changes in the body, us never we leave of being> attracts is not one arqutipo of something beautiful for example, but the concrete beauty of this something, therefore if something is beautiful, is because it participates of the absolute Form of the beauty. The same valley for and the well good distinction between