Pharmaceutical Medicine

“Until December 30 prospects in the PME can compete for education in pharmaceutical Medicine Institute for one of the coveted 25 places it was done excellent work and created an international figurehead for the training in pharmaceutical medicine” so Professor Dr. Gerfried Nell, evaluator, Council for education in pharmaceutical medicine (CEPM). The internationally oriented study to the master of Science (MSc) in pharmaceutical education”of the University of Duisburg-Essen is the only nationally recognized and internationally accredited master’s degree in pharmaceutical medicine. Maximum of 25 participants are admitted to the in-service English course every two years. The next course starts in April 2009. The interest is great. December 30 prospects in the PME can compete for education in pharmaceutical Medicine Institute for one of the coveted 25 places.

The study is by renowned lecturers, all health care coming from the pharmaceutical industry and institutions carried out. It imparts comprehensive knowledge about the research, development, risk-benefit assessment, certification, marketing and continuous monitoring of medicines and biotechnology products. This offer is interesting especially for physicians, pharmacists and scientists who already want to are in the profession, improve their career opportunities by training both nationally and internationally. The course is modular and deliberately designed to part-time can complete it within two years. The graduates qualify for conducting activities in the pharmaceutical industry, in research institutes, certification authorities, clinical research organizations, and health care institutions. In addition, they benefit from their acquired knowledge and contacts that were established during the course with the students and the Faculty in their profession.

Teaching experts from practice is a major advantage of this program, because here no theoretical knowledge imparted “is, but experts report from their daily work”, says Dr. rer. NAT. “Martin Zoche, Scientific Director global operations and strategy PRT, F. Hoffmann – La Roche AG and a graduate of the course of pharmaceutical medicine” in 2007. PME for education in Pharmacetuical medicine was founded in PME Institute in 2005 as the first accredited for pharmaceutical medicine education Institute in Europe. PME is responsible for the organisation and implementation of the courses of the programme. It operates as a central interface and liaison for all involved. As the Institute for education in Pharmacetuical medicine, PME has the task to combine practical training with University expertise and carry out innovative, part-time WeiterbildungsAngebote for dedicated professionals and executives. More information under: PME Institute for education in pharmaceutical medicine Gudrun Bayer-KULLA/Dennis Kroll Tel.: 02302-915-131/129 fax: 02302 915-133 E-mail: office(at) Internet: Contact person: Dennis Kroll address: PME – Institute for education in pharmaceutical medicine-Alfred-Herrhausen-str.