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Typically, the monthly payment amount of credit shall not exceed 36% of your total income. Be sure to budget enough funds to cover the costs of notarization of the transaction (often two to five percent of the purchase price of real estate), as well as relocation, refurbishment and maintenance. You also need to expect an increase in operating costs such as utilities and taxes. Trust. No matter how much you like the realtor, seller, loan officer or just a friend the guy who vouched for your benefit, remember, is a business transaction. Your decision is binding. Do your own research in parallel with the support of his team.

Rely on verbal agreements. Get agreement and get it in writing. Written agreements almost always trump card before the oral, when it comes to contracts. If the seller says that air conditioning is included in the agreed price real estate, get his words in writing.

Ignore the fine print. You must understand that before signing you “pick up a pen.” We have to require copies of documents in advance to take the time to review them and ask questions. You must understand that not all items in the contract meet the legal standards and are legally safe, so be vigilant. You may wish to learn more. If so, blood test is the place to go. Bet on a profitable resale. Do not buy a house, which stands at 50% more than neighboring homes and think twice before buying the most expensive housing in the quarter. Low price of neighboring property will weaken the value of your home. Remember that the real estate market is volatile. If prices are fall, and you have a need to sell at this inopportune moment, the sale price may be insufficient to cover even your mortgage debt. Regret the purchase. There is no limit to perfection. In any Real estate will always be surprises. Do not let a few insignificant drawbacks to destroy your joy of shopping. And do not miss not attractive at first sight housing, which you can make perfect! Successful transactions and wisdom in making decisions. Real Estate Company ‘Zoom’. Real Estate in Mariupol. When copying to be an active link to the source. Real Estate Company ‘Zoom'”.