The Bornemann

It is namely possible zones set, which watchdogs via SMS or email warn the, as soon as the monitored object leaves the zone. Lawyer is legal Ralph Schmidkonz, also if an orderly equips a helpless person with an i dobber also can monitor the whereabouts, if he is not in the vicinity. For more information see this site: Dean Ornish M.D. “No legal problem arises according to Schmidkonz, if someone voluntarily puts the device in a foreign City: no wrong arises the consenting ‘, said it already to the ancient Romans, and even today this principle.” The data in the near future size: width 45 mm, height: 89 mm, thickness: 16 mm battery life: 16 hours continuous operation costs: the manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 419 euros plus value added tax. There are also monthly costs in the amount of 14.95 euros plus VAT for portal access, plus the mobile phone rates that are booked. Rental is also possible. Accuracy: The device shows roads, geographic latitude and longitude accurately map. Requesting images see (press) or at the contact address listed.

About Bornemann AG telematics is the connection between navigation, telecommunications, location and computer science. The Bornemann AG deals with this very innovative, young and up and coming business area since 2004, headquartered in Goslar. It grows since then with great potential in the German and European markets and distributes professional telematics systems with high professional skills and personal commitment. After the Bornemann AG already Germany established himself in recent years as the market leader in the field of telematics broker, the company is now focusing on the development and the distribution of its own telematics solutions. The Bornemann AG consistently uses its core competence, which was able to purchase it themselves as telematics specialist in the field of people – and object tracking. These telematics systems are customized to the needs of healthcare, security services, as well as small and medium-sized service and Cut craft. The Bornemann AG supports and advises these companies in finding the optimal solution as well as the introduction of new and optimisation of existing systems. For more information: vehicle tracking:, personal location: more photos at specified address.