The Jonen Hearing

50 listen specialists visited leading hearing aid manufacturers when it comes to good listening and to the supply of modern hearing instruments, the know-how and the demands on the quality not high enough might. At least over 50 look specialists, who work in the stores the Jacobs hearing acoustic mean. To learn directly from the source, they travelled a few days ago to Munster to the company of ReSound, a world-leading manufacturer of innovative hearing systems. Here gathered the visitors about the latest solutions and completed a special expert training to refresh the own knowledge. Carefully, the visitors followed the product and software training, which owned and operated a ReSound company product manager. In the Centre of interest, two new, ground-breaking solutions were the hearing instruments ReSound live and dot2 by ReSound.

Both systems have a novel sound solution, the so-called surround sound. He combines best Understand language with excellent spatial hearing and gives people with Horminderung the chance to be back in life. Also Markus Bocker, head of key account management of GN hearing GmbH, its guests provided insight in all workspaces of the manufacturer. At a joint dinner in the Munster all-weather Zoo, the visitors of the meeting varied took the opportunity to discuss important industry topics. \”Today have far more people hearing problems than commonly assumed\”, so hearing care professional champion Gunter Jonen. But no hearing loss is similar to another. So the great advantages of modern hearing solutions really come to fruition, this must be adapted exactly by an expert on the respective individual hearing loss.

This is a complex matter which requires high knowledge up to date. Us so much expertise to offer is our employees very because, as humanly possible.