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The startup company amagno has now published the version 2.1 of its magnetic document management system. Oldenburg, November 11, 2011. Highlight is the new all news “technology: you eliminates time-consuming copying or moving files on the different jobs of an employee.” Instead, the system processed files synchronized continuously and reliably in the background. Will benefit especially mobile and decentralized teams and integrated social networking concepts for an efficient corporate communication. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The features of the new version have been created on popular demand from prospects, customers and employees. Especially using the anywhere-Aktuell “technology will improve amagno the work of distributed teams, groups, departments and companies fundamentally”, explained amagno founder and CEO Jens Buscher.

The new release of amagno offers employees in the client their personal digital desk that accompanies them everywhere and provides significantly more convenient work: easy drag & drop employees put to edit content via drag & drop or mouse click on the digital desk. These are automatically protected against overwriting by others. “Intermediate steps such as check-in” or check-out “be omitted. After modified, the user can in turn put the document in a group with drag & drop and expose his colleagues the work results. The desk is always and everywhere the personal desktop of the employee in amagno always in the background, login and logout with the amagno NETWORK server or the enterprise server synchronizes.

The software ensures that the changed files in other work places of this employee are again available. Working with the digital desk is so self-evident as so far the store, but with clear added value for the employees. While they needed their files so far laboriously via USB, FTP or email between “Offices and jobs had to carry, amagno done this now completely in the background”, explains Jens Buscher. A user installs the amagno client on another machine so his current desk available him afterwards with his ongoing work again.” Another plus is the data security during transport. These are always encrypted and compressed transfer. In addition, centralized storage in the cloud, or on the company server ensures the data against loss. Files from any application directly into groups save employees can save files from any application directly on the digital desk of amagno or open amagno. A solution to specific applications – such as Microsoft Office – reduced is thus eliminated. amagno updates as always free the update on the new amagno release is all users free of charge and will be delivered via automatic update. The free amagno NETWORK version is available download on. A new Start-Up is about amagno amagno by Badjatya. He was with his product concepts instrumental for the success of the RedDot WCMS (now open text Web solutions) responsible and an enterprise content from 2003 with the founding of the company DocuPortal until May 2010 with over 270 customers and thousands of users successfully placed management system in the SME market. The new product concept amagno introduces a new generation of document management systems in the market. Approximately 80% of medium-sized companies use still no comprehensive solution against the daily file and communication chaos. Reasons are the lack of acceptance, perceived overheads and required additional investments. amagno will, however, offer a real solution, motivate, facilitate daily work and keep slim and manageable investment.