Unity In The Cleanliness?

New forsa study shows: nearly 90 percent of the German contact not bare rump on public toilets ERKRATH, November 18, 2009. A representative forsa survey *, currently zero was carried out null WC fresh seal commissioned by 00, shows that about 90 percent of Germans don’t trust, to sit on the toilet in bars, pubs, restaurants and Cafes directly with bare rump. Seen but closer at the results of the forsa, a difference between East and West Germany can be seen. Clean restaurant toilets in the West important: while eight out of ten West Germans (82 per cent) indicate that clean restaurant toilets is very important to them, only 74 percent of East Germans answer this. The study also shows that in the West almost half (48 percent) of those polled selects a restaurant or Cafe after the State of the washrooms. In the East, the toilets only for 39 per cent of respondents play a role when choosing a restaurant. Reservations “smaller in the East: differences between East and West in the tactics, such as the silent village” will be sought. Click Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. to learn more.

On the question of whether to apply directly on the glasses place”, not sit” or inferior before the first paper”shows that in West Germany, the fear of direct contact with the toilet seat is much greater than in East Germany. Exactly each second Westerner does not take place on the toilet. Only every third Ostler (30 per cent) indicates when compared to not put. But East Germans put paper more frequently on the toilet, before they settle down on it (47% versus 36% in the West). Only 9 percent of respondents West Germans sit directly on the toilet seat. In the East, this 13 percent do. Top topics Aufreger: when it comes to name ills on gastronomy toilets, there is between Western and Eastern trust agreement. On both sides of the country include unpleasant odor (East: 89 percent, West: 89 per cent) and missing toilet paper (East: 87%,) West: 85 percent) to the great disruptors.

00 zero zero WC fresh seal and Qype help: Qype, Europe’s leading portal for recommendation, and 00 null null WC fresh seal, the first self-adhesive WC stone without plastic straws, join forces for more clean toilets in Germany gastronomies. Currently, even the toilets can be evaluated on apart from the press to the food, the atmosphere and the experience in local. The best toilets will be awarded zero null WC fresh seal with the 00. Assessed as particularly dirty toilets WCs will be chosen from those 00 zero zero give a complete makeover. More at. * The representative forsa survey zero carried null WC fresh seal from August 21 to 24 on behalf of 00, total 504 citizens aged 18 and over were interviewed by phone titled “Toilet hygiene in Germany’s bars, pubs, restaurants and Cafes”. Press contact: Edelman GmbH, Kathrin Lamprecht, Babs Street 4, 22303 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 3747 98-56 – fax: 040 / 3728 80, E-Mail: