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Milk: The dairy industry has created quality products, low lactose or lactose-free, to replace normal milk. Lactose-free milk can be produced by passing milk by the enzyme lactase coupled to an inert carrier: once the molecule of lactose decline is not caused by body the symptoms. A form is available with small amounts of lactose (typically 30 of cardiovascular normal) and alternately close to 0 . Finland has products “Hyla” (acronym for HYDROLYSED lactose) is available for many years, although the number of individuals with lactose intolerance is relatively small. these products from cow’s milk low in lactose, ranging dede until cheese ice cream, using a method patented by Valio chromatographic health separation to remove the lactose. The ultra-pasteurization process, combined with aseptic packaging ensures longer shelf life. Recently, the range of low-lactose products available in Finland, have been increased with milk and other dairy products (such as ice cream, butter and milk) that contain nothing of lactose.
The remaining lactose (20 ) of products Hyla is enzymatically removed. These products wellness typically cost two to four times more than the equivalent products containing Lactose. Valio also markets these products in Sweden. Alternatively, a bacterium such as L. acidophilus, can be added, which affects the lactose in milk in the same way it affects the lactose in yogurt.
Milk obtained from plants and their derivatives are the only 100 free of the cause (soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, milk handling).
When impersonation with nutrients lactase can not avoid lactose, or sometimes when a person chooses to consume such foods, so supplements should be used for the enzyme lactase . The enzyme rate similar to that produced in the small intestine of humans, is produced industrially by fungi of the nutrition genera Aspergillus. The enzyme ‘-galactosidase, is available in tablet products form in a variety of doses, in many countries without requiring a prescription. This function had only in highly acidic environments, such as that found in the intestines due to the addition of gastric juices from the stomach. Unfortunately, too much can nature by acid , and therefore should not be taken on empty stomach.
Also, the enzyme is ineffective but reaches the small intestine to the time when the problematic food rioja scope. Individuals sensitive to lactose, you may experience both in time and with dose to reach your particular need. However, supplements such as these might not provide the supplements exact amount needed for lactase to digest lactose properly contained in dairy products, which can produce symptoms similar to those in the lactose intolerant.
While the normal process of intestinal skin care digestion of lactose is essentially the same, the direct handling of milk using a different variety of lactase produced industrially. This enzyme, produced by the yeasts Kluyveromyces takes more time fitness to act, should be thoroughly mixed with the product, and is destroyed by even slightly acid environments. It has therefore been much less popular as a consumer health product, the tablets produced from aspergillus, despite its lack of effectiveness predictably. Its main use is in the production of milk products sold in supermarkets, lactose free or reduced lactose. Supplementation with the enzyme lactase, may have an advantage on avoiding dairy products, which do not need to provide an alternative source ofadequate calcium consumption, especially in children … life and health of adults’