Anapa Anapa Champagne

Power companies Sauk-Dere is 1 million. 200 thousand dal of wine for extracts. Aged wine and Anapa Anapa district, and the Taman Peninsula. Here is a unique collection of wines in Russia. In Sauk-Dere also produce wines from grapes from our own vineyards. The grapes are processed at the top (above ground), and in the basement is an extract of wine.

In this high-quality wines made from grape juice, obtained by gravity. Juice is obtained by pressing the remaining myazgi grape, fermented into a more simple wines. Until 1978, Sauk-Dere was part of the union 'Abrau Durso'. In 1978, the equipment for the production of champagne had been dismantled. But in the Sauk-Dere champagne produced to date then, although in small batches, so it is very difficult to buy champagne – too small batches produced, in general, is a rarity. The building itself is an outdated storage building, after logging in to that view appears as a schematic map of shipment generated 'Sauk-Dere' products in Russia, and the map placed awards at international wine competitions in the form of large copper badges, received coinage.

They will show you the heart of the enterprise Sauk-Dere – cellars, where the storage of wine. The basement feels faint smell of fine wine. At the beginning of the underground gallery was brought to the right entrance to the store where stored in bottles of vintage wines in the Cellars of Sauk-Dere are very spacious, large galleries are divided into northern (1,5 km) and southern parts, which in turn crossed by a network smaller galleries.