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But the human body works much more complex. So are stomach contents and large intestine in healthy people of good Strongly acidic base. Acids namely antibacterial and protect against cancer-causing bacteria. Also the unloved intestinal fungi thrive much better in the alkaline environment of the gut (Darmdysbiosen beneficiaries) and the highly acclaimed probiotic bacteria are so healthy, because they produce appropriate amounts of lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, Probionsaure etc. ideally in the intestine. Even in the field of nutrition, no simplified conclusions can be drawn.

So, the sweet-tasting sugar is acid forming, while acidic fruit as rich base is. Organic acids are basic metabolised by the body namely: the fruit acids break down into carbon dioxide, which the body eliminated (exhaled) is, emphasizing the body at the disposal of the remaining bases. Seen in this way, acids in many areas of the body are essential to life. Alkaline body care – Yes or no? But now back to the skin. The concept of the basic body care” based on the idea to neutralize secreted acidic metabolic by-products of the skin and thus to rid the skin of metabolic waste. This is consistently useful for a short, therapeutic application example in connection with a base bath or an alkaline body wrap. With an average duration of 30 minutes up to several hours, it can be assumed that metabolic waste mobilize and partly from conduct or neutralize themselves with such applications. In the wake of such treatments, the skin’s own acidic pH should be restored but of approx. Yael Aflalo follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

5.5 using skin pH neutral cleaning products. A use of basic shower and washing preparations (Rins-off products) is not advisable, because the short time spent on the skin is not enough to achieve the desired effects of metabolism, very well but the skin’s Hydrolipidic film is attacked. Basic leave-on-“, or end products, are a permanent shift of the skin pH value in the about face creams and body lotions, unsuitable,” alkaline range can result in serious diseases skin. The measurable neutralization capacity of skin for alkaline irritants such as SOAP etc. is directly related to their regeneration ability and toughness against damaging environmental influences. Also, are the most vitamins, proteins and nourishing ingredients stable only in the neutral to slightly acidic range and would decompose in basic care products slowly through hydrolysis. “Summary it can confidently be said: healthy skin is sour” and should accordingly be treated with acidic products. The short-term therapeutic application of alkaline baths, wrapping or packaging supports the skin’s metabolism and is, contrary to basic cleaning and skin care products, positive.