CCTV Cameras

Tasks CCTV One of the most important tasks – visual inspection of the situation in the protected facility by security. In this CCTV provides information in real time, which is the most visible and understandable for the operator of video surveillance systems. This provides the possibility of taking the maximum operational decisions that are appropriate to each specific situation. The second important task is successfully solved by CCTV – Logging and documenting them using a variety of digital video recorders. This allows us to document the violation and provides an opportunity for effective analysis of each situation. If you have built-in motion detection CCTV can act as a burglar alarm, which greatly improves the efficiency of security personnel. Using the built-in detector movements also can dramatically reduce the amount of memory for storing video archives.

Maximize the effectiveness of CCTV can be as high as used in the composition of the integrated security system, when the possibility of a system successfully complemented by other features. For example, an unauthorized attempt to pass through the turnstile, preventing access control system (ACS), can be successfully complemented by a fragment of the video archive, documenting the fact of unauthorized access. The agency's economic security FORT offers design, installation, configuration and maintenance of video surveillance systems. Continue to learn more with: Jane Figueiredo. Security and fire alarm systems fire alarm systems show evidence of illegal entry to the territory controlled by, or signs of fire (temperature rise, smoke), and serves a wake-up call trigger actuators (relays, sirens, lights and so on.) The system of fire alarm includes the receiving-control devices or control panels, detectors (fire, security), executive devices, pagers (sirens, bells), as well as power sources. The main device is a device of receiving and control (PPC), or control panel (CP).

Mounts are usually based on a microprocessor which is programmed to determine all the system functions. To him through the alarm continuously receives information from sensors (detectors), after the device detects the situation in the protected object, and moves it on the remote central monitoring stations. Also, PPK or manual controls audible and visual signals, the other executive instruments. The device transmits the object under protection, its removal from protection under adopted tactics that are sometimes responsible for the power detectors. For the formation of a signal to change the parameters of the environment within the protected area are responsible detectors. Security detectors are resistive, MAGNETIC, udarnokontaktnymi, piezoelectric, acoustic, capacitive, ultrasonic, optical, electronic, radio wave, as well as combined and combined. Smoke detectors are automatic or manual action. Automatic fire detectors can respond to the rise in temperature, smoke, flames optical radiation. Actuators – it alarms sound (buzzer, bell) or light (LED, flashlight) the principle of action. By the execution units also include a variety of electric locks, power electromagnetic relay and more. They work when activated the alarm. The agency's economic security FORT offers design, installation, configuration and maintenance systems, fire alarm systems. After analyzing the available data, we can conclude that the systems engineering and technical safety and security play a significant role in ensuring the economic security of the enterprise. However, it should be noted that only competent design and quality installation by professional security systems can ensure security. The agency's economic security, "FORT" offers a full range of consulting services, design, installation, operation and maintenance of technical security systems.