ULV Netbooks

They have acceptable size and weight while maintaining a decent level of performance. More information is housed here: Peter Rose. Subnotebooks – laptops with screen size 11 – 13.3-inch laptops such distinguished by small size and weight, but the small size screen reduces the usability of this device. Dimensions subnotebooks do not indicate the powerful components, since there are problems with cooling, so they often use mobile processors with low energy (model LV or ULV). Subnotebooks are rarely equipped with discrete graphics cards, but some models do not set the optical drive. Netbooks – size 7 – 10.2 inch netbook term (netbook) becomes the same habit as the words notebook, laptop. Actually, they are all used to refer to portable computers. The netbook is a defective laptop. The logic is simple Internet + notebook = netbook.

Netbooks are focused on web browsing, work with e-mail and office programs. For these notebooks has developed special energy-efficient processor Intel Atom. Small screen size, small keyboard and poor performance of these devices compensated for reasonable price and a relatively large battery life. Size does not allow you to set a notebook optical drive, but the Wi-Fi-adapter is an optional component. Now the market Netbooks growing rapidly and almost every week there are new models. In general, a noticeable trend approximation to the usual netbook laptops by price, size, but unfortunately not for performance. So if you need a portable workhorse, it is best to look in the direction of ultraportable laptops. Yes, they are much more expensive, but the power they have much more.