Chinese Medicine

Moxa therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is Moxakraut (Mugwort herb) in over acupuncture points burned to eliminate Kaltesymtome in the body that old system of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is thousands of years is also in the West their way is gaining among us more and more. And although the traditional Chinese is very different from our debt medicine they are nevertheless not incompatible, but can complement rather useful. The classical methods of applying TCM is called the moxa therapy or even moxibustion. This Moxakraut (Mugwort herb) is burned in different forms over certain parts of the body, usually on acupuncture points. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dean Ornish M.D is the place to go. One distinguishes between cold – and heat-diseases in TCM. Cold-related diseases caused by an external factor such as cold wind, or by lack of certain substances.

With the moxa therapy are particularly cold diseases goal the moxa is treated according to TCM treatment the blood flow is to support, the Chi”to strengthen, to distribute cold and eliminate, and thus relieve the associated symptoms. The moxa has herb both internally as well as externally properties warming this herb. The methods of applying the moxa therapy are relatively different. In the moxibustion with Moxakegel, the therapist of to cone-shaped small Moxakraut sets the appropriate acupuncture points. The cones are lighted until they slowly burn out. As soon as the patient feels a sensation of heat, slide the cone to the next point of therapy. Something simple is the treatment with Moxazigarren.

When ignited the therapist here a Moxazigarre and approaches the glowing tip the therapy point about half a centimetre. Areas of application of Moxa therapy include: exhaustion colds or respiratory pain (such as tension headache) for tension, spine problems) should be applied urinary tract infections and gynecological problems Moxen at: fever in acute inflammation It is sensitive in pregnancy in severe nervousness or insomnia, high blood pressure in open wounds and bad durchblutetem through tissue as well as poor wound healing in infants because your skin is. Diabetic should also not gemoxt, because here often are sensory disturbances and thermal perception is impaired, also diabetics often suffer from delayed wound healing.