Fire Protection And Belu? Ventilation Fu? R The Viennese Underground

Colt International is responsible for all elements of fire smoke vent and the daily or rain-proof ventilation. The Wiener Linien, the public transport system in the Austrian capital, operate in addition to buses and trams, one of the largest underground networks in the European Union. The construction of a sidings and revision Hall for the trains was planned in the course of the extension of line 2 in the direction “Seestadt Aspern”. In the huge building, that should go in October 2013 in operation, up to six long trains can in future turned off and two long trains are at the same time revisioned. The size and the scope of the project require a perfect coordination of dates for the completion of the individual trades of all participating companies. A special focus was placed on the daily ventilation and fire protection for the Hall. A complete flue and also a rain-proof ventilation must be ensured in such proportions absolutely reliably.

Smooth collaboration with builders and Planning Office the company Colt International is incorporated from the beginning of the project in the elaborations with the builders and the planning Office. With the extension of the U2, Wiener Linien opens GmbH & Co KG is one of the largest urban development in Europe, the “Seestadt Aspern” in the Viennese district of Donaustadt. On 240 acres of new accommodation for around 40,000 people including jobs created here. The technical equipment for fire smoke venting, to smoke, for the daily and rain-proof ventilation of the Hall comes from Colt international. Colt provides elements for smoke extraction and ventilation for all elements of fire smoke vent and the daily or rain-proof ventilation Colt international responsibility. First requirement was to demonstrate of a test in accordance with EN 12101-2. Overall, hood fan delivers the company 152 EuroCo fin fan or Weatherlite base modules, 300 Coltlite disc window 24 FCO ventilation jalousien, 3 Apollo.