Physical appearance has played an important role during the development of the story, a clear example of this is currently makes obtaining a good job and the conception of a couple agree to it; for this reason the development of medical science has collaborated with the appearance creating disciplines so specific as orthodontics. Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry responsible for the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and correction of maxillofacial problems, some of these as the bad location of dental pieces, bite problems and jaw. Orthodontics makes its appearance in 1788 when the scholar physician Pierre Fouchard decides to focus its attention on the bone development of mouth, correcting dental malformations with the use of gold, tensioned by means of pieces of silver thread, for extended periods of time, thus the correction of teeth gradually. Although the first orthodontic instruments were a bit rustic, showed surprisingly advanced results for the time, although it should be noted that orthodontic processes were experimental. The great breakthrough of Orthodontics occurred after 1850 when the results of dental research showed noticeable results. From here the orthodontics begins the great heyday currently preserved. Advance orthodontics towards modernism occurred in the 20th century when the use of flexible materials that do not hurt patients is implemented, from there the use of plastic bands and the emergence of special instruments gave the perfect guide to become a conventional practice. Current Orthodontics will practice very often as a method of aesthetic improvement, since the results displayed by this discipline opened in a wide margin the relationship with other practices such as esthetic dentistry and oral surgery processes.

Orthodontics currently plays a fundamental role in other disciplines of dentistry, such as the pediatric and general dentistry, it is shown as a process both to improve the part aesthetics as the oral health of any person. There is currently a branch of Orthodontics specially dedicated in implementing this in children; This practice is very modern and is displayed as an excellent option to prevent the emergence of problems at advanced ages. Orthodontics development various methods, they are: orthodontics of fixed appliances: it is based on stick over the teeth a few small metallic elements or plastics, that through elastic bands keep teeth in a constant treatment; This method is currently the most well known, since the majority of young people today have this treatment, usually referred to as braces. Removable orthodontics: removable orthodontics consists of a system of tooth alignment, made with pasta and a League that keeps teeth in a correct position, the advantages of this type of Orthodontics is that it allows to be removed to eat or make oral hygiene. Orthodontics not only is shown to us as an excellent choice to improve our image, but also as an optimum output to mouth problems.