Transplanted Liver

The hospitalization of a transplanted liver doom threats of the past were not fulfilled! There were no stoppages heart, Bronconeumonias, Sepsis nothing! I arrived at the service of hospitalization for surgery and liver transplantation, box 503, is an environment enclosed with glass, with air conditioning and is attached to the Star of nursing and it can only be accessed with sterile gloves, Cap and gown, the urinal is a personal Papagayo and bath are here away we cater with much affection, a select group of nursesspecializing in this type of patients, that they monitor all our activities and are attentive to all our requests and needs and work according to rules already laid down, slowly recovering my autonomy, that emotion when October 18 I washed me and warm water whistling through my body, when they brought my complete diet, rice with chicken!, it’s heaven!-I said and I ate. When I withdrew drains and urinary probe that emotion!,…What relief! glad I felt when miccionaba in the Papagayo when ingested gelatin, mazamorra, anise or some soda than said!, a day brought Orange been wrong!, – I said-, as I ate it rather than withdraw, they are trifles, for some inconsequential because they have never suffered this pain one newly valued them when, in these cinrcunstacias.! I received valuable visits, again became Karin – as MOM – his sons Miguel and Pilar, so many memories!, but was alive to continue enjoying them, likewise arrived Silvia – my sister – who both has supported me emotional and economically, accompanied by her husband Dr. Click Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. Hugo Pena Camarena, likewise came Cecilia, who had offered to be donor alive, came Jose Rodriguez Tineo, loyal friendbecame Dr. Amelia giant Cerrate, emblem of friendship and solidarity, in the medical profession on Sunday, October 19, I woke up early, I was happy, Dr. Carrasco, had allowed me to take a walk by the Hospital, it was my 4th day post-operative, and Miss! the nurses gave me the morning treatment I had breakfast and at noon accompanied by family, I left the box of hospitalization for the first time!, hat, gloves and mask, progressed in a wheelchair, by the corridors of the Hospital, arousing curiosity in some passers-by, we arrived at the chapel but it was closed, we headed to a park in the interior of the Hospitalrequested that I exposed to the Sun, wanted to feel its heat, asked me to wander throughout the Park, taking me photos with everyone, greeted those who spent nearly, spoke by phone, I stopped, walked a moment, conversed and laughed humming as not believing in God! And colors, color life dresses! I thank life that has given me so much! Is as crazy! – said – my family if I’m crazy!