Indian Chief

Carlos Mora Vanegas not always think of you. O chiefs! Or in your own generation. Meditate on the uninterrupted generations of our families think our grandchildren and those who were not born, whose faces come below the Earth. An Indian Chief (shaman) when it has stopped to read this writing, will have already passed a good time in this dimension, in this planet Earth, will already have that road that leads to their performance in pro of the mission, with its reason for being. You will have already accumulated experience, formed networks of relationships with those who have freely selected, there will be brought closer to people according to their interests and always with that concern not to be isolated, but share; you have already identified those external stimuli that have generated him affection, affection, appreciation, friendship, learning needs, know who he is, where is, why it is here, as well as already has identified all those internal stimuli emanating from your higher self. Despite all this, Luis Arribas tells us, let us reflect on the fact that it does not seem that the progressive development of our razonadora ability, our consciousness, have served to relate better with those around us.

On the contrary, as we realize that the environment can be dangerous for our physical and mental health that of not know is you handle can imprison us imprison, limit our actual perceptions, cognitions of internal dimension, we protect ourselves using all the resources that our intelligence has been able to develop. In this way, we become less communicative, less external and consequently, more introverted, being the expression of our feelings and emotions reduced to our most private sphere. In this short transit through this land, perhaps surprised we we are prisoner of the illusory, in everything that we’ve given him life trying to satisfy needs, desires artificial remedy gaps that have left other generations, family, friendships, wrong affective ties or by lack of them, possibly because they had never been born.