Margret Sauer Postbank

“It all starts with ourselves. Everything is born in ourselves! This fact alone required to ensure any adult education including warmth, ethically and morally because every child man – has a right, as they have a law on integrity of their body and their soul, on education and on a warm meal on the day! And because that is our, we can all right to love and lightness not expect nor demand and Sue, but we can give our best and to fill our lives with love and lightness. But we should preach love and lightness, if we put the head on our own root issues in the sand, to not look at, heal, forgive and release. Or us steal away like a thief in the night, because we express ourselves the responsibility for ourselves. Where does our inability as humans our fellow human beings and as parents our children safety, safety, Attention, interest, to give time and love? Why not teach our earthly parents and teachers us, that we can turn directly to our inner master and our inner master, so we praise us instead make sick and destroy? Because they do not know how! Indians do it, because they know that we as children of love and all of life and we can love all of us, because all of us is unique, valuable and precious. Even when others can’t see that, it’s still and we ourselves have the patience and in love we ourselves have is the power to begin to end old new or about to leave as is. Why our earthly parents and teachers do not teach us how we discover our God-given dignity of King, awakening from a deep sleep and live can, so that we honor us and not all the time only small and humiliate? Because they have not learned it! Indians have learned that and that’s why they say that we all we ourselves do others and above all Mother Earth in a ratio of 1:1 do to. And they also say that mother earth will defend themselves, however, by she shakes off everything what is not itself into conscious love and harmony with himself and with others.

The nature dies dies inevitably all life and man also includes, because we can eat money, nor may reap toxic from our fields, it’s killing us! Strength and a common sense is, if one shows kindness, mercy, tolerance, understanding and compassion and to, what is often mistakenly referred to as a weakness and laid out. Every day in life is: like a big surprise to be in this world Like a big sunrise to be what we are like a big voice in this world to be in love with what we are. Everyone is called upon and invited to act in this respect, it is sufficient to build again golden bridges of trust and to create good energy that we send out into the world. Do you financially support our work? Donations account for H.E.L.L.P.S: Margret Sauer Postbank BLZ: 201 100 22 account number: 300 373 12 79