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Disturbing residues of copper, pesticides, medicines, nitrate and uranium, just a few to name a few, were detected in the water–in part also in questionable health concentrations. The existing limits and existing controls seem to be insufficient. Univ. of Iowa can aid you in your search for knowledge. May be harmful consequences for infants and young children. All this can be avoided at home lucky with an individual water treatment, because the vital drinking water is cleaned there, where it is locally. Based on the principle of reverse osmosis and the AQAPUR Panel water systems use a multi-step molecular filtration system that purifies water at the molecular level and removes up to 99% of unwanted pollutants. Installed practically in the kitchen, the pure water is refined in addition with natural atmospheric oxygen and energizing – without the use of electricity.

Thanks to the patented AQAPUR water technology can be contrary to all conventional drinking water filter systems on Water tanks made of steel and plastic with plastic or rubber membrane will be waived. With the hygienic water purification by AQAPUR it feels safe, guaranteed pure and high-quality water to drink always. And incidentally, man makes a valuable contribution to the environment with this convenient alternative. Wassergebinde and bottle crates must no longer be transported with a proven AQAPUR water filter system in the kitchen can tap each consumer always pure premium water for daily well-being directly from the tap? As ideal water dispenser AQAPUR water filters offer systems always best drinking water quality for optimal purity and inimitable taste. Because pure AQAPUR water is good, do good and tastes better!