Psychosomatic Medicine

My objective in the book was to show it so what I experienced in everyday life and what it went through the mind. I tried to fathom even the causes, how it came to my burnout. I described my anxiety that led up to my social withdrawal and so I wanted to see anybody. Also my Fears of financial nature, which I had on our common home and the future of our daughters. In medical terms, what happened to me? Some doctors (psychiatrist / chief physician) in this situation how did react to your patients. How did the various treatments and therapies? How could I regain strength and stability? I could heal myself or I needed help? All these questions were me by the head and many more. I tried to cover my feelings and thoughts of in words. Both the sad and the up one uplifting, that were the exception, but rather.

In the nature I brought the force me to overcome this time of tears. In the second section of my book, I describe my stay in the clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine bad Aussee. What I at the hospital felt and experienced. Occurs when a therapy discussions and treatments have been documented by me in a flashback. I wrote the first one and a half months of my illness in diary form, Visits to psychiatrists, the Chief doctor and I treated more fully the stay in the clinic. Writing this book has much taught me and given me new strength. My life has changed.

I’m now in smaller, bedachteren important steps through life. Patience and hope were the only two emotions that have guided me in the last few months, and will accompany me on my life path.