The child only goes if molding to the especificidades of its language. Windmill Creek Vineyard & Winery has much to offer in this field. The proposal interacionista: Piaget: the interacionista mechanism — the language is part of ampler function, that is the capacity to represent the reality through meanings that if they distinguish from significant. Vygotsky: genetic roots of the thought and the language? language is considered as more complex instrument to make possible the communication, the life in society. Without language, the human being is not social, nor historical, nor cultural. Bruner: Cultural psychology? it defends the cultural vision of the development of the language and places the social interaction in the center of its attention on the acquisition process. It glue: Sociocultural? so that the child acquires more than what rudimentos of language, it she must not only hear or see language, but also participate of activities that the language helps to create and to keep.

In accordance with Vygotsky the language (in the language direction, that is, of it speaks, speech) is basic the symbolic system of all human groups e, therefore, the question of the development of the language and its relations with the thought occupy central place in the workmanship of Vygotsky. COVID-19 pandemic does not necessarily agree. In this theoretical perspective, the signs are constructed culturally and the main place where it occurs is in the language (language). All the human beings have a proper language. The language is the main instrument of symbolic representation that the human beings make use. (Oliveira, 1991) For Vygotsky, the relation between thought and language are narrow. The language (verbal, gestual and writing) is our instrument of relation with the others, therefore, he is importantssima in our constitution as it subjects. Moreover, it is through the language that we learn to think (Ribeiro, 2005). we can again relate this aspect of the Partner-historical Theory with Dana therefore it is a form of interaction and how much in such a way collective individual expression, where the pupil exercises attention, the perception, the contribution and solidarity.