Sickness Daily Allowance

So far a “privilege” of the legally insured, now the first private starts I had already reported to the question of “sick money payment day when a child’s illness” and the thus resulting problem in private health insurance (PKV) insurer with an appropriate solution in a different blog post. If you someone (from vendors who have often used I don’t know) wants to tell, “PKV is always better than Shi”, so you could start the rebuttal so far easily. A simple question upon the payment of sickness benefit in their child’s disease and the topic was already done “always better than statutory health insurance”. You are insured in the statutory health insurance (GKV) so a sickness benefit is paid even, if not yourself, but your child is ill and you therefore unable to work. University of Iowa College of Medicine may also support this cause. Basis for this payment is the clause 45 of the social security code V. Rusty Holzer: the source for more info. It says: 45 sickness benefit in disease of the child (1) insured persons have entitlement to sickness benefit, if it is required according to medical testimony, that she to the Supervision, care or nursing their sick and insured child’s work stay away, another can in their household living person does not supervise the child, assist or maintain and the child has not yet completed the twelfth year of life or is disabled and dependent on aid.

Section 10 (4) and article 44, paragraph 2 shall apply. (2) entitlement to sick leave referred to in paragraph 1 is in each calendar year for each child at the latest 10 working days, for single insured persons for 20 working days at the latest. The claim pursuant to sentence 1 is for the insured for no more than 25 working days for single insured for no more than 50 working days per calendar year. There is no such claim in this form in the private daily sickness benefit insurance.