Summer And Weightloss

Summer podium bodybuilder. It puts an assessment of its winter efforts and in addition greatly boosts training at the expense of the overall year of grace. But summer has its dangers. First among them is the heat. It can spoil the bodybuilder digestion, since all kinds of food proteins and even protein mixture in a thermos extremely rapidly decompose under high temperature regime. In proteins infest microorganisms, including those in the protein mixtures which apparently are packed tightly. That's why all your nutritional arsenal of summer are best kept on the shelf of the refrigerator.

As for meat products, then they must be carefully roast thoroughly and boil. No steak with blood! As, however, and fresh chicken eggs, they are a favorite summer residence of the salmonella, causing heavy eating disorders, salmonellosis. Heat requires extra additions to the training outfit builder-tank with clean water or a special sports drink. On workout drink every 15-20 minutes, even if they do not want. And in the recovery period pay attention to the mineral water-vypevayte it to 1.5-2 liters per day. Michelle Babion