Committee Olympic Italianio

He was admitted to sick February of a high fever and renal failure. The doctor who attended him said that the cyclist had been subjected to an autotransfusion. The Italian denied the facts described by the doctor and said to be unconscious. The Court national of the Committee Olympic Italianio (CONI) suspended cyclist Riccardo Ricco for violation rules anti-doping, reported this organism through a press release. The CONI noted that it has taken this decision after the request in that regard made by the anti-doping Prosecutor, motivated by violation of the doping regulations by Ricco due to the use or attempted use of prohibited methods. Italian sports body has suspended also in way prudential to Ricco’s entire sporting activity.

The CONI decision comes two days after the Italian cycling Federation (FIC) suspended him for reasons inherent to the protection of the health of the athlete himself and once in February passed the anti-doping Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation against Ricco. The cyclist, for 27 years, was admitted to a hospital in Modena (Northern Italy) on 6 February, sick of high fever and renal failure. The Italian media echoed statements by the doctor in charge of assistance to you, who explained that Ricco had admitted to have been an autotransfusion of blood, preserved in the refrigerator during 25 days. Subsequently, the Italian denied the facts described by the doctor and said that he was not aware at the time of hospitalization. He was more dead than alive.

Only I was told it was a virus. The doctor will have to answer his statements, declared the corridor. However, the CONI anti-doping Prosecutor’s Office continued investigating the facts. Your team then also suspended you the explanations from the Italian nor persuaded his then team, the Belgian Vacansoleil-DCM, February 19 publicly announced the suspension with immediate ctos of Ricco. It is not the first time Italian seen enveloped in doping-related suspicions, since in 2008 was sanctioned for giving positive for Cera, after winning two stages in the Tour de France. Ricco returned to competition with the Italian team Ceramica Flaminia in March 2010, after serving a penalty of twenty months. Next Monday he intended to run with his new team, the Team Meridiana-Kamen, the rotation of Serbia. Source of the news: the CONI suspended cyclist Ricco for violation of rules anti-doping