The Chest

the majority of women tend to be very negative with themselves, and more importantly to pay more attention to strengths like be the smile, the eyes, waist or legs, and highlight them, than trying to hide weaknesses. * Experience with color. We already know that Black styled, but they can not go black all the time. Looking for monochromatic looks (same color in different shades) that go well with your skin tone, roccioso more stylized. * It lengthens your body. To seem higher as a professional model, used pants which hide shoes (e.g., pants campaign with wedges or platforms), so the legs will seem longer. ** Not use clothing that does not feel well. It seems an easy trick, but there are many people who think that wearing tight or too wide it appear thinner, when that is not true.

If it is very fair, a sausage you roccioso and calling attention to the wrong sites, while with clothes oversize does not do justice to your strengths and roccioso largest and also without Forms. * Prevents the volume in the area abdomen and tail, none of skirts or pants with loops, tweezers, drapes, etc. * pay attention to Accessories, can help you look slimmer or fattest. If you have a few kilos of mas, belts widths should be avoided. If you have some double chin, it avoids the chokers. On the other hand, long necklaces and foulards will make you look thinner. Tricks that will make your chest look bigger is readily available that the small breasts appear larger and more attractive, simply taking certain types of fabrics and designs this is very common in photoshoots of models. Following these simple tricks, you realzaras your breasts and they seem * Bras with padding will make your breasts look more bulky, like Bras that elevate and focus the chest, creating a beautiful neckline.

Invest in good bras and that are in your size. A shirt with thin horizontal stripes will make your chest look wider. ** The vivid colors and prints will be attention to your bust and thus seem larger. When choosing a bikini, keep this advice in mind. Sequins also created the same sensation. * Uses accessories and small details that enhance the breasts giving more depth to the intermediate space. A thin chain with a small and delicate pendant will make your breasts look bigger by contrast. * It takes tight and thick, fabrics that will be able to add volume. ** Make you always keep your back straight, enhances the breasts and gives you a better figure. * Use make-up to enhance your cleavage. Slightly darkening the area between the breasts you will create a sense of depth and your breasts will look more voluptuous. Original author and source of the article