It may be that the seller, having a legal certificate, has already initiated arbitration proceedings, and you do not know about it, take a him buy more, thus adding one more case to arbitration. To avoid this, it is necessary after you have verified that the certificate from the supplier of the goods is, under the certificate icon to click on the "Check Certificate" and the right -click to copy in the window WMID seller. Now go to "My WebMoney, go to "Security", then in the window that opens, enter the "Arbitration Service" in the next window, enter the "Claims and feedback. In opened window, search the URL of your supplier in TOP20 and the list of sites with open claims. After verification, paste the WMID the lower box and recheck the seller for the presence of claims in arbitration. If in the course check your vendor is not found anywhere else – you can safely buy his goods. If you make a purchase and still have problems, you must submit a claim here, on this page. If you do not have the time and desire in such detail verify the alleged supplier of the goods, we can restrict a simple check for the presence of claims in the 'Check Certificate', but checks for the claims and their history of conduct is necessary.

All received claims are reviewed staff of the arbitration service, and in case of confirmation of the facts stated in the text claims, appropriate measures (blocking WM-identifier, the closure of the site which Received a claim, etc.). Claims are considered within 1 week from the date of its registration. The claim can be obtained through the internal mail WebMoney or e-mail. Another way to protect yourself from scammers – patronage appointment in the transaction. Briefly describe this method of payment – a payment delay. Applies this method is rarely, but in vain, he is very reliable protection from fraud when buying.

At the moment there are 2 options money transfer with protection. Translated from the patronage of the code and translated from the patronage of the time. When paying for goods with the appointment of patronage by the code, the seller can receive money for the goods only after having his code, and if you assign the patronage of the time, it means the seller will be received by the specified time. And the third way of protection against fraud – is the appointment of a trust transaction. In such a transaction, both parties make the same mortgage amount ( excess of the amount of the transaction) to the trust. At the same time to take back the amount can only be by mutual consent, when each side is satisfied with the results of the transaction. Trust is a guarantee of a fair completion of the transaction. One last thing: we must bear view that the payment system WebMoney to their customers regular e-mail does not go (no arbitration) for communicating with customers has an internal mail, where fraudsters instantly find. Therefore, if you've got e-mail purportedly from WebMoney, you better not open or delete. When buying goods on the Internet should always be aware of legal impunity scams online, so try to make maximum use of methods of protection, which currently exist. I wish you the honest sellers, and good shopping. Yuri Chashin.