The Evangelhos

The child did not produce in work terms and up to seven years she was not obliged to observe the law, in this period to the child serves of parameter not for the innocence, but for the moral perfection. Jesus used the parameters of its time partner – economic and cultural to disclose to the desire of God for a justice world peace and affection, inserting something new for this culture in what he says respect to the treatment to the children, demonstrating this with its gestures and words, leaving until the proper disciples followed that it without reaction and understanding, therefore its action defied the lines of direction of the education and the relationship with the teeny ones that they invigorated at its time. In evangelho of Mateus (9.36) this story of the ministry of Jesus meets: ' ' covered Jesus all the cities and towns and villages, teaching in the synagogues, nailing evangelho of the kingdom and curing all luck of illnesses and enfermidades.' ' Jesus used in its pregaes a methodology peripattica. It used well the parabolas very as contao of history and set it service of the theology and propitiated the scholastic renaissance in the educational sector. Jesus lived teaching to the children and adults through histories and parabolas, the people always waited to hear its teachings. It wise person who the human being needed to make a trip to its interior to transform its attitudes and to understand the life, understanding the will of God. The Evangelhos tells regarding as Jesus taught in particular and public its listeners.

Its walked with the disciples for all Judeia and Samaria, arrived until the confines of the world (At 1,8). Its way to teach has influenced the world all. When he finished its terrestrial ministry in 33 AD ones, the Master at least had 120 followers between men and women. (Acts 1:15). Its educations had really influenced the humanity in extraordinary way. The way of Jesus to walk with its disciples in the dusty roads of Palestine influenced all the generations and became the counting greater of histories, the most fascinating peripattico of History.