1st trick. Breathing. If you make a deep breath before speaking, it will not only relax, but it wins time to think. Another advantage is that this makes it to lower the tone of his voice, which sounds more authoritative. 2nd trick.

Adopt the posture of a safe person. Belly goal, remove chest and square shoulders lifting them toward your ears and then backwards and down. Then carelessly put hands on hips and make sure that your body is directly facing the person you are talking. A final adjustment; shifting your weight so that it rests on one leg. Practice it front of a mirror until it becomes natural and pay attention to the following trick, because it is the most important of this section. 3rd trick. The most simple and effective way to change someone’s perception about you as a shy person is to find his gaze.

Try this exercise: instead of looking at the ground, look in front. Achieved after practice this, glancing at the faces of people for a few moments. Then count to three while looking at the Crown of the people; It is not found with their eyes, but it looks vaguely at a point just above their foreheads. Next step: imagine their faces as a circle and travel with your eyes through him. Then concentrate on their traits: first the mouth then nose, and finally focus on her eyes. Depending on their degree of shyness, this exercise can take between two days and a month. There is another great trick for timid absolutes that avoids having to make eye contact. Instead of eye contact, make nasal contact. Concentrate the gaze on the bridge of the nose and not the eyes: very few people is able to tell the difference. Once he is able to look people in the eyes, practice contact with as many people as possible: three unknown per day as a minimum. When you get this, it will be time to deliberately focus attention on those people who find attractive. He now aspires to make eye contact with three people, three times a week. Remember that by now it is not necessary to speak with them. Only make eye contact, and if you can control it, accompanied with a smile. 4th trick. Compelled to seem safe to talk. Seems friendly, accessible and happy within your skin. Not crossing anything. Do not slouch. No puckering frown. Lift head. So it is better. Hour put in position 5 th trick. If your natural appearance does not seem safe, copy to who they are. By imitating their speech, style and attitude, feel that it is literally as walking by her world got into a pair of shoes. When it finds a gesture that pleases you, adopt it as its own. What must not replicate are especially rare or negative gestures. Harold Ortiz conquer a woman original author and source of the article